Years 5 and 6 (Upper Key Stage 2)


Year 5 and 6 Home Learning Page January 2021


As a school we have chosen to provide our government recommended 3 hours of learning through Purple Mash. On this platform class teachers will be sending out daily work for the children to complete. It is an expectation that all children log on every day and try to keep to a learning routine similar to the one they would have in school. Class teachers will also be taking into consideration the need for well-being and providing students with activities to cope with their own thoughts and feelings. Maths, English and Spelling / Phonics resources will be accompanied by a video to aid parents with delivering learning at home.

All children will receive:

  • Daily maths activities
  • Daily English activities
  • 3x per week spelling
  • 1x topic activity
  • 1x science activity
  • 1 x physical activity
  • 1 x well-being activity
  • 3x reading session
  • 1 x music activity


Click on this QR code for Purple Mash


All children now have access to myON which is an online library where children can read lots of books, including non-fiction books.  You can also listen to the book being read aloud and follow the words by clicking the speaker icon.  Every pupil in Year 5 and 6 needs to read at least 2 books a week on myON to continue to practise their reading skills.  When they have finished reading a book on myON, the can then click the button to take a quiz on Accelerated reader.  

Scan this QR code for myON


Everyone in Year 5 and 6 has a log in for Accelerated reader which is the same as their log in for myON.  When children have read a book, they can log on and take a quiz to check their understanding.  Every pupil in Year 5 and 6 needs to take at least one quiz a week.

Scan this QR code for Accelerated reader



All children have a log in for TT Rockstars to practise their times tables.


Other Maths resources

- Daily ten where you can practise addition, subtraction, multiplication, division 

- Maths frame – another way to practise your times table knowledge

- Hit the button – You can practise doubling, halving, multiplication and division here too.

Topic resources

Year 5

Raging Rivers…

Year 5 have been learning about rivers this term. Look at the links above to find out the features of rivers, why they are useful as well as all about the water cycle.

When you have watched the above videos, why not give the River quiz a go on BBC Bitesize to test your knowledge. See if you can get full marks and then maybe challenge your family – are they as river savvy as you?


Year 6

Don’t cry for me… Argentina!

Look on these websites for some facts about Argentina.  Can you produce a Fact File all about Argentina?

Can you research some of the things to do in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, using TripAdvisor?  After that, make a poster to advertise a popular tourist attraction or place of interest.


Our Year 6 children each have an account for the website, which allows them to practise and apply their grammar skills in mini ‘tests’ set by their teacher. All the children are aware of their unique username and password.


Oldham Music Development have put together a resource for children in Year 5 and 6 to access from home also.


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