The Harmony Pledge

The Harmony Trust Pledge is our commitment to giving all our pupils the best education. They deserve an education that involves many and different opportunities to develop their skills and learning. Meeting each of the 10 points of The Harmony Pledge will not only broaden their experiences and aspirations, but will enable them to become a lifelong learner where they can always BELIEVE, ACHIEVE and SUCCEED no matter what they choose to do later in life. 


The Harmony Pledge is a 10 point pledge that we expect every pupil to achieve by the time they reach the age of 11. Some of them we hope they will achieve more than once.  









The 10 points of the Harmony Pledge are: 


  1. Be safe, healthy and happy 
  1. Be a fundraiser 
  1. Be a performer 
  1. Be an eco-warrior 
  2. Be respectful 
  3. Be a volunteer 
  4. Be democratic 
  1. Be an adventurer 
  1. Be an expert learner 
  1. Be workwise 


As pupils engage and participate in The Harmony Pledge, they will also develop some character competencies that will enable them to tackle any problem or situation that arises in their education and life. The Harmony Pledge will help them in developing and being: 


  • Aspirational 
  • Confident 
  • Resilient 
  • Tolerant  
  • Creative
  • Communicator 
  • Motivational 
  • Co-operative 
  • Problem Solver 
  • Honest 


All of these attributes will help them to be an outstanding character.  These character competencies will be delivered and modelled explicitly by all staff through tailored and appropriate activities and experiences.  There is a continuum of competencies which outline a set of expectations that develop in maturity as each pupil progresses through school.  They are a guidance for staff as to what to expect within each competence and supports in developing a recognition and clear vision of required skills and understanding required by our pupils.  

Each child will have their own pledge booklet where they will record how they have met each of the 10 point pledges and also to take time to reflect and evaluate on their experience. Please find below the non-negotiables for the Harmony Pledge as decided by the PDBW HLC.


































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