Staff Members

Leadership Team

Ms J. Hainsworth - Director of Education

Mrs C. Rahman - Principal

Miss R. Marsh - Trust Leader

Mrs A.Booth (maternity) - Assisstand Principal

Mrs D. Nash - Assisstant Principal

Miss K. Mather - Trust Leader SEND


Mr O.Booth - Teacher

Miss F. Astley - Teacher

Mrs A. Booth (maternity) - Teacher

Miss S. Greenwood - Teacher

Mrs D. Nash - Teacher/ Assisstant Principal

Mr B. Stuckey - Teacher

Miss L. Grenfell (maternity) - Teacher 

Miss R. Gregory - Teacher

Mrs A. Baron (SENCO) - Teacher

Miss T. Henstock - Teacher

Mrs B. Martin (maternity) - Teacher

Miss H. Shabbir - Teacher

Miss C. Smythe - Teacher

Miss M. Mahmood - Teacher

Miss S. Reilly - Teacher

Mrs W. Smith - Teacher

Mrs L. Worthington - Unqualified Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs N. Ahmed - Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Bolton - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Hughes - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E. Jarvis - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F. Begum (maternity) - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Begum (maternity) - Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Boyd - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C. Vickerstaff - Teaching Assistant

Miss C. Brown - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Begum - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F. Sultan (maternity) - Teaching Assistant

Miss K. Rowe - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Bibi - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Khatun - Teaching Assistant

Miss M. Khatun - Teaching Assistant

Miss D. Gittens - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Ali - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Haz. Begum - Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Al-Qasmi - Teaching Assistant

Miss H. Oswick - Teaching Assistant (Apprentice)

Mrs R. Ferguson - Learning Mentor

Mrs R. Hussain - Learning Mentor

Mrs L. Wrigley - Attendance & Pastoral Lead

Mrs A. Nahar - Midday Supervisor

Mrs T. Sultana - Midday Supervisor

Mrs N. Zemin - Midday Supervisor

Mrs R. Begum - Midday Supervisor

Mrs R. Akter - Midday Supervisor

Mrs S. Yesmin - Midday Supervisor

Mrs H. Patel - Midday Supervisor

Mrs S. Albasheer - Midday Supervisor

Admin staff

Mrs H. Begum (maternity) - Senior Office Manager

Mrs J. Ali Begum - Office Manager

Mrs C. Marsland - School Administrator

Miss S. Flanagan - School Administrator

Mr J. Walker - ICT Network Manager

Mr T. Buckley - Site Keeper

Mr M. Rigby - Site Manager

External and Non-teaching staff

Miss L Whitehead - Sports Development (Games)

Mr P Briedenbach - Freddy Fit

Mrs A Saville - Hands & Voices (Nursery)

Miss S Latus - Brass Tuition

Mrs A Cermak - Oldham Music Service


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