At Richmond, we lay strong emphasis on the teaching of reading. The ability to read well is a vital skill. We use a structured reading scheme and alongside this we encourage the children to take books home to read with their parents. Children may choose additional reading books from the well-resourced academy library. We teach reading through both individual and guided group reading.

In addition to this we also offer reading support for those children who find reading challenging. Some children may participate in intervention groups to enable them to catch up.


  • Children from Nursery to Year 2 follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme of work and have daily discrete phonics sessions.
  • All phonic lessons have four parts which are interactive, well-paced and structured so that the children are revisiting, learning, practicing and applying their skills.
  • We follow a clear progressive synthetic phonics scheme for planning and use a range of resources to teach phonics including Phonics Bug, Jolly Phonics and The Ruth Miskin RWInc materials.
  • Children in KS2 also continue to learn phonics if necessary and all children receive spelling lists to learn weekly.


  • Phonic knowledge is assessed termly through the appropriate phonic assessment package based on the Letters and Sounds assessment criteria.
  • Phonic knowledge is assessed during Year 1 through the statutory phonics screening check. It also be repeated during Year 2 to monitor progress and identify those children in need of intervention.

Accelerated Reader and myON

AR.png             myON.png

All the pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 have a log in for Accelerated Reader.  This is an online platform which we use so the children can take a quiz once they have finished reading their reading book or their Book for Pleasure.  You will see that most of the children’s reading books have coloured stickers on the side, which help us match their book to the most appropriate level for them to read.

Once they have finished reading a book, they can then take a quiz to check they have understood what they have read. The quizzes need to be taken within 24 hours of finishing reading the book, although they can use the book to check for the answers when doing the quiz.  Children can take quizzes at home during the week, as well as at school.

Every time the children pass a quiz, they earn points and add to their own total number of words read.  Each week, certificates are awarded to celebrate improvements in the number of words read and to celebrate the class that has added the highest number of words each week.

Accelerated Reader is also linked to which is an online reading platform and uses the same log in details.  Pupils can use their ipads to logon to, which has thousands of books that they can select to read from both at home and at school. They can select books that are matched to their current reading level and they can click on the ‘take a quiz’ button, to take the Accelerated Reader quiz for this book too, which helps to earn even more points.


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