Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1)

Key Stage One Home Learning

Purple Mash

As a school we have chosen to provide our government recommended 3 hours of learning through Purple Mash. On this platform class teachers will be sending out daily work for the children to complete. It is an expectation that all children log on every day and try to keep to a learning routine similar to the one they would have in school. Class teachers will also be taking into consideration the need for well-being and providing students with activities to cope with their own thoughts and feelings. Maths, English and Spelling / Phonics resources will be accompanied by a video to aid parents with delivering learning at home.

All children will receive:

  • Daily maths activities
  • Daily English activities
  • 3x per week spelling
  • Daily phonics for Garnet and Sapphire
  • 1x topic activity
  • 1x science activity
  • 1 x physical activity
  • 1 x well-being activity
  • 3x reading session
  • 1 x music activity

Children have also received a log in for myON which is a platform filled with books for children to enjoy alone or with an adult.


Phonics / Spelling 

Spelling activities are set at least 3 times a week on Purple Mash for children in Emerald class with Phonics activities available daily for Garnet and Sapphire class. Videos are uploaded by class teachers to support the new sounds or spelling rules. We recommend encouraging children to watch these before beginning the activity. The children in Garnet and Sapphire will use the Letters and Sounds resources provided by Letters and Sound. The children in Year 2 will use the Oxford Owl resources provided by Read, Write, Inc. There are also a range of different websites that can be used to help with Phonics and Spelling at home.


The children also enjoy listening to videos by Geraldine Giraffe and Mr. Thorne.



Every child in Key Stage 1 are provided with a Maths activity every day accompanied by a video explain by the Class Teacher. These videos will support the National Curriculum objectives set out for the year group and will promote the progress of children whilst at home. All children are encouraged to work on their times tables knowledge and have been issued with a TT rockstars password to help. There are a range of timetables games to play online. Key stage 1 are very used to using ‘Hit the Button’.



Sapphire and Garnet

During Spring 1, Garnet and Sapphire class are focusing on ‘The Great Fire of London’. We are comparing past and present, beginning to order events chronologically using a timeline as well as using different sources to understand how we know about the past.

In Science we are focusing on animals. We are looking at the different types of animals and how to classify them. We are also comparing animals using their features and exploring how animal’s characteristics best suit them to their habitat.

Great Fire of London -

Animals -


During Spring 1, Emerald class are looking at India. We are beginning to use maps and locate India and its surrounding countries as well as some of the physical and human features it has. We are noticing the similarities and differences between Kerala, Indian and Oldham by exploring the culture, climate and religions. We are also looking at the art from the area and how beautiful the celebration of Holi is. On Science topic of ‘Materials’ also links to the topic as we explore what houses are made from and why.

Science and materials -

Exploring the world -

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Physical activity

Joe wicks – PE

Cosmic kids yoga -

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