A Message from our CEO - Queen Elizabeth II

Yesterday marked the passing of Britain's longest serving and living monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who provided continuity, stability, and reassurance during the many changes faced in this country over the past 70 years.  During this period of national mourning, there will be opportunity in Harmony to reflect with our children and our staff on: those changing times that span such crucial milestones in our personal and national history; of a life lived well and through values that unify; and on a life full of extraordinary public service and commitment to others.  The Queen's last act of public duty this week demonstrated the character that is the object of our Harmony education. 
This is a moment of great sadness, but it is also one to reflect on, and learn more about, the achievements and deep values of one of the most influential figures of modern British history and society.  Our Queen will be missed greatly.
Best wishes 
Antony Hughes
CEO - The Harmony Trust

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